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It is our department, where the loss of substances in natural teeth, missing teeth and surrounding tissues are restored with artificial materials, and that oral functions, aesthetics and patient health are corrected and continued. Prosthetic treatments are classified as mobile and fixed dentures.

Removable dentures;

Total prosthesis; It is a form of prosthesis made in cases where all natural teeth are absent, also known as denture.

Partial (partial) prosthesis; They are removable prostheses made in cases where some of the main teeth are present and some are removed.

Dental prostheses; They are prostheses applied on a few natural teeth or roots in the mouth, following some special preparations by the dentist.

Fixed prostheses;

It is the process of replacing the missing or excessive substance loss teeth by using materials similar to the tooth texture and color. Before the porcelain crown is made, the treatment option called post-core can be reinforced by taking support from the root canal of over-ruined teeth. While teeth are being crowned, there are different material alternatives such as metal, metal supported porcelain, full porcelain (reinforced porcelain, zirconium substrate porcelain).

Our Services

You are important to us. Our dentists will develop a restoration plan based on your oral health status. After we are completely satisfied with the proposed solutions, we will begin treatment.