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What Should Be Considered When Having Implants?

Dental implant is the most trendy application for those who have toothlessness problems and those with a bone problem in the jaw… Implant application made with quality materials and a good dentist gives natural results just like your own tooth. When applied properly, it can remain in the mouth for life.

As in many healthcare applications, the rate of success in dental implant application may differ from person to person. Some chronic diseases such as diabetes, osteoporosis and sinus problems have been found to prevent the implant from fusing with the bone.

In short, it is very important that those who have any chronic illnesses or who are allergic to a drug have pre-treatment tests.

When making a dental implant, it is necessary to pay attention to the following details;

  • Material made of pure titanium material
  • Having a patented and successful brand
  • Sectoral experience and success of the dentist in implant
  • Sterile practice
  • Compatibility of the jaw bone with the implant

Things to consider after dental implant procedure

In dental implant applications, it is as important as before and after treatment. After dental implant procedure, there may be some bleeding in the form of leakage. Food and drink should not be consumed in order for drowsiness to occur. After the application, painkillers should be preferred against the pain, pain or pain. Smoking should not be allowed for 24 hours and alcoholic beverages should be avoided.

Practicing oral and dental care as suggested by the physician has a positive effect on the treatment process.

You can contact our Special Atılım Dent Oral and Dental Health Center and get more detailed information for questions such as what to consider while having a dental implant, and what to consider after dental implant procedure.